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Overall solution
Want to change a career or start a business, to the market prospects of the cell industry to share a piece of the pie, but struggling to find the way, how to do?

On the basis of the Nothing, The First Condor Group started with a small laboratory of tens of square meters, and developed into a group company with more than ten subsidiaries in just three years. It has applied for more than 100 patents and won many awards through the certification of "National High-tech Enterprise", as well as quality management system and intellectual property management system. You can also replicate the successful experience of the rapid rise of the First Condor Group.

The First Condor Group outputs the overall solution, nanny-style service, from laboratory planning and design, to production, marketing, hand-in-hand teaching you, so that you can quickly grasp the full set of operating methods of the cell company even if you have zero foundation.

Design and decoration of large, medium, small of cell culture laboratories of various types

Procurement, installation and commissioning of various equipment in the laboratory

Training on preparation techniques for cell culture

Training on cell quality testing techniques

Marketing Training

Supply of stem cell and seed cell

Supply of reagent consumables such as cell culture media